Top 19 Utatane Piko Songs This Week

Updated: Tuesday August 11, 2020

【Len & Piko】 Shota Shota Island 【English Sub】

Shota Shota Island - chrolea

main:utatane_piko main:kagamine_len_append_(unknown)

Come on Shota! ごぼうP 10st Vocaloid Original song. ■Performed by Kgamine Len & Utatane Piko (鏡音レン 歌手音ピコ) ■Illustrations by ESCII おこたP I, GobouP, …

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【Utatane Piko】The Making of a Chimera 【Original Song】

The Making of a Chimera - I0LITE, YoppyVU


a song about a boy who literally didn't deserve anything bad, but the universe took one look at him and said "hm, die" oh my GOODNESS you don't unde…

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【ピコレン】第一次ジブン戦争 HoneyWorks feat.歌手音ピコ&鏡音レン

The First War Against Myself - ChorusP, Gom

main:utatane_piko main:kagamine_len

┗|∵|┓ハニワです。 キットカットおいしいです┗|∵|┓ レン「プリン( ・´ー・`)」 ピコ「プルーン(・´ー・` )」 レン「は?(´゚д゚`)」 ピコレン「レリゴー((((´゚゚д゚゚`))))」 music:HoneyWorks  shito:…

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【男ボカロ6人】「SHOOT ON TOKYO!」オリジナル曲

SHOOT ON TOKYO! - natsuP, haku

main:kaito main:kagamine_len main:hiyama_kiyoteru main:kamui_gakupo main:vy2 main:utatane_piko

男ボカロでアイドルグループを組んだようです。 あいつらこそがVOCALOIDの王子様たちッ SCL Project are Lyric&Music:natsu *twiter@scl_natsu Guitar&Arrange:haku *twitter@scl_haku Illust&Movi…

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Shota Shota Island - chrolea

main:utatane_piko main:kagamine_len_append_(unknown)

ごぼうP オリジナル曲 第10曲目「ショタショタアイランド」 ■鏡音レン&歌手音ピコの恥らしい曲を作ってしまいました。男の娘! ■可愛らしいイラストを描いて下さったのは、ESCIIさんとおこたPです。 ■ニコニコ動画のURL:…

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【vocaloids】 peeps【Original Song】

peeps - I0LITE, Pumpkin Head, Skamiikaze, Zion XYZ, GHOST, Poet Fog, YoppyVU, PRiNZ

main:tonio main:prima main:big_al main:fukase_(unknown) main:oliver main:utatane_piko main:dex main:hatsune_miku main:megurine_luka main:v_flower main:yohioloid_(english)

previous part: lyrics: peeps peeps peeps everyone who made this possible lyrics and composition by: th…

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「Vocaloid」 愛にロボット・Robot in Love ・歌手音ピコ・Utatane Piko・「ボカロオリジナル曲」

Robot in Love - Polycerate Majesty


contains some bright images and robot screaming glad i could finally get this out, the video is a bit of a mess because my computer couldnt handle …

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Fright Fair / anakin ft. Vocaloid, Synth V, CeVIO [original song]
〖Utatane Piko & Fukase〗A Twilight Carol〖Original Song〗

A Twilight Carol - anakin

main:utatane_piko main:fukase_(english)

Merry Christmas! Be a good kid or else he'll come for you! so this is technically my first collab i think??? @StardustLegend reached out to me (of a…

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Play of Color (Official) ft.Utatane Piko - 歌手音ピコ

Play of Color - SOLA.


Hi guys! I moved to my new channel. ▷ Thank You For your Subscribing! Please listen until the end! Thank you! ▼…

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〖Utatane Piko〗Undermined〖Original Song〗

Undermined - anakin


I made an anniversary song for Piko about him never getting an update. Vsqx/Midi/Instrumental/Lyrics/Mp3:…

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【Utatane Piko】Cursed Eyes【Vocaloid Original】

Cursed Eyes - IrunaBara


This took longer than anticipated due to being depressed about losing my cat (he's alive but I can't care for him anymore). I have a happy song I mea…

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Honmono no Tsubasa - Studio Paprika, SorrowfulP, DenpiyoP, 尾崎やまと, 睦月, YokuneP

main:ia main:utatane_piko main:hatsune_miku main:meiko main:kaito main:hiyama_kiyoteru main:sf-a2_codename_miki main:yuzuki_yukari main:kagamine_len main:kamui_gakupo main:vy1 main:vy2

この歌は希望の歌です。目標へ向かってあがいている人へ、自身の無力さに喘ぎながらも進もうとしている方への応援歌として作りました。 この歌の主人公は、苦しい闇の中にあり、見つけた灯は人に笑われ、作り上げた翼は偽の翼かもしれないという不安の中にいます。 それでも、どうでしょう。苦心して作り上げた翼を身に…

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Rental Club - Futamin


歌ってみた・ボカロ版、同時公開です! どちらも宜しくお願いします! アポー様に歌って頂きました! ◆音楽:つかだこうき 様 ◆調声:チョコラテP 様 ・ツイッター:htt…

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【Utatane Piko・SF-A2 Miki】Separated Hearts【Vocaloid Original】

Separated Hearts - IrunaBara

main:utatane_piko main:sf-a2_miki_v4

My son isn't alone anymore... MP3/inst/vsqx/lyric:

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【Utatane Piko & Tone Rion】It's My Never Ever【Vocaloid Original】

It's My Never Ever - Caranella

main:utatane_piko main:tone_rion_v4

VSQx DL link: I want people to see me. I want to leave something important behind…

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【Utatane Piko】8bit Run【Original Song】

8bit Run - Kei Red


Instead of doing a cover this year, I made my own song with a video. Its short and terrible but hey, Its my first released song and its all for Piko.…

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three chihuahuas

three chihuahuas - KakyuuKei

main:utatane_piko main:v4_flower main:kagamine_len_v4x_(power)

a song about friendship and chihuahuas -- so this came out of nowhere but here it is!! sorry about the grammatical error of putting "makes" inste…

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【歌手音ピコ・鏡音レン】They Call Me Shooter【Vocaloid Original】

They Call Me Shooter - IrunaBara

main:utatane_piko main:kagamine_len

Happy birthday, Piko! This is a remake of an old song but I changed the title and some of the lyrics because I didn't like the original. Thank you …

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