Top 9 Megurine Luka V4x English (Soft) Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday April 17, 2021

【Luka Megurine】Do you want to die? (Maki Harukawa fan song)【VOCALOID original】

Do you want to die? - Mcki Robyns-P, Skinny Megurine

main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(soft) main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(straight)

"Do you want to die, huh?" SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA V3. Sorry about the thing with the premieres! I posted it then listened to it again and decide…

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VerseQuence - Fall ft. Megurine Luka  (Original)

Fall - MJQ-P

main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(straight) main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(soft)

[Click 'show more' for info & Free LQ/Buy HQ Audio Single] [Change the video quality to "1080p" for HQ audio] [Share this song too, for others to hea…

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【Megurine Luka】 Glowlight 【VOCALOID Original】

Glowlight - DoNotCrossP


I made a song that is not a part of any project or compilation, for the first time in 2 years, this is a Christmas miracle (I don't even celebrate Ca…

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[Vocaloid Original] When Paint Ends [Megurine Luka English]

When Paint Ends - deniDeD


Here's my new song (When Paint Ends by deniDeD ft. Megurine Luka English). Second song of "Invasion Story" (first song here:…

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【Megurine Luka V4X】Parallel Lines (short version)【Original Song】

Parallel Lines - EmpathP

backup:meiko_v3_(english) main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(soft) main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(straight)

though it's still a little early to post this here, in Japan, it's already the 19th, and so YAY! Luka is released! This is an original song demo I di…

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Art Dave - Psycho Tsundere (ft. Megurine Luka)

Psycho Tsundere - Art Dave


Vocal by Megurine Luka Bandcamp

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Beasties / momoi feat. Miku Rin Len Luka MEIKO KAITO

Beasties - Peach

main:hatsune_miku_v3_(english) main:kagamine_rin_v4_(english) main:kagamine_len_v4_(english) main:meiko_v3_(english) main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(soft) main:kaito_v3_(english)

Are You A Beasty, Too? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a month sinc…

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Art Dave (feat. Megurine Luka) - This Vocaloid Song Sucks

This Vocaloid Song Sucks - Art Dave


Vocal by Megurine Luka

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Sariva - Dots and Spheres

Dots and Spheres - Sariva

main:gumi main:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(soft) main:hatsune_miku_v4_(english) main:kagamine_rin_v4x_(unknown)

I wrote this vocaloid song about dots and spheres all the way in September. What took so long was the video and modeling. Hope everyone likes; I put …

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