Top 7 Macne Nana (English) Songs This Week

Updated: Wednesday January 22, 2020

【Macne Nana English】 Star of the Show 【Original Song】

Star of the Show - GHOST


Original upload date: September 3, 2016 fun fact of the day nana is signing "lesbian" in asl in this picture that wasn't intentional at first, but …

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Circus-P "Nana (with Macne Nana)" [Vocaloid Original Song]

Nana - CircusP


The beat drops and it's game over -- Instrumental + VSQ: -- This song was availab…

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【Clara】 Borderline (feat. MAIKA) 【ORIGINAL】 ᴴᴰ

Borderline - HorizonsP

main:clara main:maika backup:meiko_v3_(english) backup:avanna backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english) backup:kaito_v3_(english) main:macne_nana_(english)

Latest Upload ► Twitter ► Soundcloud ►…

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【VOCALOIDマクネナナ 公式デモソング】 Na☆な! マクネナナ

Na☆な! マクネナナ - 誤探知

main:macne_nana_(japanese) main:macne_nana_(english)

VOCALOIDマクネナナの公式デモソングです! 2009年に公開された誤探知さんのナナ曲「Na☆な! Mac音ナナ」を大胆にリメイク。英語詞も交えたボーカロイド版としてお届けします。 楽曲アレンジ・ミックスと動画の制作をFILTERKYODAI ebee#1/ebee#2両氏が担当。独特の画風が…

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Scythe of Luna - Crystal Dream 〖VOCALOID | METAL | ORIGINAL | LYRIC VIDEO〗

Crystal Dream - CyFe

main:hatsune_miku_v3_(english) main:macne_nana_(english)

Album DL:

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【Macne Nana ENG】 The Same Dark World【VOCALOID ORIGINAL】

The Same Dark World - ruby-p, Crane Fridge Productions


hi im fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dying ive had this song done since like. may. i just kept procrastinating oops thank u starry-p and zero…

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No Clue [ Ft. Macne Nana ] Vocaloid Original Song

No Clue - AWNye


Hey! Its done! The Re-Made Version of my First ever Original song! ( A Few years ago, When i had Sonika, I made this song, now since i got rid of her…

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