Top 10 Kikyuune Aiko Songs This Week

Updated: Sunday April 11, 2021

【UTAU Original】Bi☣hazard【Kikyuune Aiko 5th Birthday】

Bi☣hazard - MystSaphyr, Crusher


"I'm tearing up our truce flag." --------- EDIT: Thank you for over half a million views on YouTube, and 300k on Nico!! Cien/CrusherP: "I change…

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Crusher-P - Bi☣hazard (2017 Ver.) 【ft. Aiko Kikyuune】

Bi☣hazard (2017 Ver.) - Crusher, MystSaphyr


AND I WILL FIGHT ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ AS YOU ATTACK Hello! This is the revamped version of Biohazard originally released in 2014, specially made for my f…

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【UTAU Original】Breaking Point 【Kikyuune Aiko】

Breaking Point - MystSaphyr, Crusher


Aiko's first original! ;n; Thank you sososososososo much Cien (CrusherP) for writing the song, music and lyrics and letting me make Aiko sing it ;n;…

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【Kikyuune Aiko】 Lovesongs 【UTAU Original】

Lovesongs - CircusP

main:kikyuune_aiko backup:czord

Is it really just like those songs? Buy the track here: -- Vocalist Version:…

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【Kikyuune Aiko & RUBY】10PM【Original】

10PM - Bubz-P, RyuSouta, Phenopaz

main:ruby main:kikyuune_aiko

Hello everyone, this is my input for Entro-P's 24 Hours of Vocaloid project. I picked 10 p.m. because... when I think of that hour, I think of partyi…

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(3 Synth Original) If GENBU Can’t (Tama ft. GENBU, Aiko Kikyuune, Miku Hatsune, Eleanor Forte)

If GENBU Can’t - TamaTamaGoGo

main:kikyuune_aiko main:hatsune_miku_v4x_(unknown)

Seriously tho GENBU needs more songs, he only has like eight. Also is it just me or does he lowkey sound like VY2???

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[UTAU ORIGINAL]Cheesy Groove[4+guest]

Cheesy Groove - TheDangosan

main:hana_haru main:kikyuune_aiko main:kanochi_neko main:kasane_teto main:iimo_yozane

I remade my Halloween song with CVVCs and sloppy CGI. As I don't have a commercial license to any of these voicebanks, the video and the on-vocal are…

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[UTAU AIKO] Hundred Times (100+ Subs + Kikyuune Aiko 10th Anniversary)

Hundred Times - BuckP


Two birds with one stone. 100+ Subscriber special AND Kikyuune Aiko 10th anniversary.. This is not officially endorsed by Studio VOXYZ or MystSaphyr.…

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【UTAU Original】 Metamorphosis 【Kikyuune Aiko English】

Metamorphosis - Charlieisntthere


Check out my remastered version as well! Music/Lyrics: Charlieisntthere UTAU: Kikyuune Aiko RockLoud English, voiced by mystsaphyr UST: Charlieisntt…

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【Kikyuune Aiko】GLASS MEMORIES 【UTAU Original】



i can't remember anything ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ok hi here's an edgy utau song about forgetting things ..a better description? f…

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