Top 8 Hatsune Miku Append (Light) Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday January 25, 2020

[Official] 初音ミクの分裂→破壊(2018Remake) / cosMo@暴走P

Hatsune Miku's Division → Destruction (2018 Remake) - cosMo

main:hatsune_miku main:hatsune_miku_append_(solid) main:hatsune_miku_append_(dark) main:hatsune_miku_append_(light) main:hatsune_miku_append_(soft) main:hatsune_miku_append_(vivid) main:hatsune_miku_append_(sweet)

初音ミクの分裂→破壊 -仮想歌手の6つの表情のための組曲- /Storyteller(GAiA×cosMo@暴走P) Hatsune Miku No Bunretsu→Hakai (Medley for 6 virtual singers Data Base) / Storyteller(GAi…

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【VOCALOIDミュージカル】Alice in Musicland

Alice in Musicland - OSTER project

main:kagamine_len main:kaito main:meiko main:kagamine_rin main:megurine_luka main:hatsune_miku_append_(soft) main:hatsune_miku_append_(light) main:hatsune_miku_append_(sweet) main:hatsune_miku_append_(vivid) main:hatsune_miku_append_(solid) main:hatsune_miku_append_(dark)

オリジナルアルバム「Cinnamon Philosophy」より、「Alice in Musicland」のMVです。 Vocal: Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagemine, Luka Megurine, KAITO, MEIKO Music, Lyri…

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gift nor art - HSP&Tripshots ft. Hatsune Miku

gift nor art - HSP

main:hatsune_miku_append_(dark) main:hatsune_miku_append_(light)

"Nebula HD" and "gift nor art" with quality art printing of Miku,"Tripshots Artworks/PRODUCT.02" is now available worldwide shipping! check it here -…

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3331 - HoehoeP


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Maybe★Lucky - HSP


曲&イラスト: 鼻そうめんP 作詞: yuiko ニコニコ動画:

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【Miku Hatsune】slump

slump - Shibainu

backup:megurine_luka main:hatsune_miku_append_(light)

しばいぬと申します。 全てのクリエイターにこの曲を捧げます。みんなみんな、苦しめばいいんだ! 作詞 綾取り 作曲 しばいぬ 動画 RefinedDium(みょー) I call myself Shibainu. I dedicate this song to every creator. We…

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Surprise☆Study - Longest

main:hatsune_miku_append_(light) main:hatsune_miku_append_(solid) main:hatsune_miku_append_(sweet)

Light・ Sweet・ Solidの3ミクさんで賑やかわいいやつ。 ■作詞 tanaka_tanako ■作曲 ロンゲスト twitter:@longe55 ■ イラスト 苺姫-Ichihime- twitter:@Ichih…

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