Top 5 Camila Melodia Songs This Week

Updated: Tuesday August 11, 2020

[Vocaloid x UTAU Original] Las Noticias del Juicio - Pan con Chocolate 6th Chapter
[UTAU Original] La Plena de los Desamores [Camila Melodía ~Lucid] Feat. Lily & Nunnorü

The Plena of Broken Hearts - yesi-chan, AlexTrip Sands

main:camila_melodia backup:lily

Mp3: Title translates to: The Plena of Broken Hearts This is pretty much a sequel to Des…

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[UTAU Original] Spell [Camila Melodía ~10th Anniversary~]

Spell - yesi-chan


Just as the title says, 10 years ago I created Camila Melodía. I didn't know what I was doing at the time but joining the UTAU and VOCALOID fandom w…

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[UTAU Camila & Yoshi] Desafío de e ~500 dígitos (Challenge of e ~500 digits) [Original]

Challenge of e ~500 digits - Yoru-P, yesi-chan

main:camila_melodia main:kazune_yoshi

As a math lover, as soon as I heard the challenges to pi (here's one: ) I wanted to try something like that …

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