Top 29 Big Al Songs This Week

Updated: Friday July 3, 2020

【BIG AL】dopamine_machine【VOCALOID Original】

dopamine_machine - Ferry


tfw your stupid demon dad busts in without knocking --- I'm so glad to finally have this out! Sadly, I couldn't properly use Tama's art in the vide…

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【GUMI//Big Al】Hack Writer【VOCALOID Original】

Hack Writer - Ferry

main:v3_gumi_(english) main:big_al

I may have a thing for people encountering demonic entities So glad this one is finally done! I'm sorry the art is a little inconsistent throughout…

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【vflower//BIG AL】 Mr Fox And The Disheartened Girl 【VOCALOID Original】

Mr Fox And The Disheartened Girl - Ferry

main:v_flower main:big_al

i usually dislike long descriptions, BUT hey guys it's my first PV! and it's very awkward and inconsistent!! the part when the background starts GOI…

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[VOCALOID] Breaking Point -Shatter Mix- feat. Big Al

Breaking Point -Shatter Mix- - Kodakami


This mix is dedicated to my new friend Cien whose song got stuck in my head long enough for this to happen. Thanks for the countless hours of me sing…

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【Vocaloid / BIG AL /original】I'm Disappointed

I'm Disappointed - Big Void


Vocaloid BIG AL, YOHIOLOID 『I'm Disappointed』 Everything was in the groove when I was going to school Everybody broke the rule Nothing seemed to be…

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【Vocaloid Original】HIM【Big Al】

HIM - Crusher


------------------ MP3: VSQ: (If you do choose to make a voca…

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【vocaloids】 peeps【Original Song】

peeps - I0LITE, Pumpkin Head, Skamiikaze, Zion XYZ, GHOST, Poet Fog, YoppyVU, PRiNZ

main:tonio main:prima main:big_al main:fukase_(unknown) main:oliver main:utatane_piko main:dex main:hatsune_miku main:megurine_luka main:v_flower main:yohioloid_(english)

previous part: lyrics: peeps peeps peeps everyone who made this possible lyrics and composition by: th…

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[VOCALOID Original] Headline Love feat. Sweet Ann and Big Al

Headline Love - Kodakami

main:big_al main:sweet_ann

Hello again, world! This is my newest original VOCALOID release, finally finished on the inspiration derrived from AX2011. Turn on Closed Captions fo…

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【Big-AL with Sonika】Poe【Original Song】

Poe - EmpathP

main:sonika main:big_al

This is a very special song I wrote first for the album Wavelength, released under the ASDR label, and then later for my own album "A Certain Path" (…

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Midas feat. Big Al [Kodakami&Kaichou-[]D] [VOCALOID Original] [Official]

Midas - Kodakami


Happy 10th Anniversary to Power FX Systems' genre-defining virtual singer, Big Al. It's been a pleasure to be here to watch him and his community of …

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"Skylight": a COVID-19 Response Solidarity Fund Charity Project

Skylight - Lystrialle, UG, Ankari, DoNotCrossP, Xue, CircusP, S.O.U.L., nostraightanswer, Purpled, MystSaphyr

main:gumi main:hatsune_miku main:meiko main:kaito main:miriam main:lola main:dex main:big_al

Presenting: "Skylight", a collaborative charity single made to help contribute to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, which is an official…

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【Big Al】 Fr@cture 【VOCALOID Original Song】 + VSQ

Fr@cture - Ms.Constantine


Art/Video by MsConstantine Song/lyrics by Msconstantine Vocals by Powerfx Vocaloid Big Al Ok, so this was my first real attempt at an original song.…

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【Vocaloid / Big Al / original】I Kill Heroes

I Kill Heroes - Big Void


Vocaloid // Big Al, Sweet Ann and Yohioloid I Kill Heroes I kill heroes cause I'm alone Kiss my shadow on my window I'm in sorrow for the demon f…

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Big Rat (BIG FESTIVAL- Vocaloid Original Song ft. Big Al and Sweet Ann)

Big Rat - cocoacacao, Meg Moore


Chris: Cocoa: Song instrumentals here:…

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[Big Al] Beat Beat Tick Tick (Original VOCALOID song by ResoNation)

Beat Beat Tick Tick - Kodakami


Greetings VOCALOID fans of all races and kinds! We are ResoNation, and we are proud to present to you our first collaborative song. If you like our m…

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[Big Al] Pitch Black Refrain [VOCALOID Original Song] + VSQ

Pitch Black Refrain - Ms.Constantine


Hey guys! Here's another Big Al original! I know this one wasn't on the sampler. That's because I didn't actually plan on making this one, it sorta …

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[VOCALOID Original] Halloween Requiem [PV]

Halloween Requiem - Kodakami

main:lola main:leon main:sonika main:big_al main:miriam

Happy Halloween everyone! Please enjoy this English VOCALOID Original with a Halloween theme. This song has been waiting to be released for over a…

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【BIG AL】Forlorn Sky【VOCALOID Original】

Forlorn Sky - MystSaphyr, Lystrialle, DoNotCrossP


Song/Lyrics/Arrangement: DoNotCrossP & Lystrialle Art: paperdarkfish MP3: Instrumental: This song was…

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【Kaito・Big Al】We'll keep on Singing【Vocaloid Original Song】#roomiemelody

We'll keep on Singing - Ame Sugar

main:kaito_v3_(english) main:big_al

ᵂᵉ ʷʳᵒᵗᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ ˢᵒⁿᵍ ⁱⁿ ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳ ᵃⁿ ʰᵒᵘʳ ☆Music: Kaito, Big Al ✦Piano: Kaito ✦Drums: Big Al ✦Vocals: Kaito, Big Al ✦Lyrics: Kaito, Big Al ☆Models: Anim…

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【Vocaloid_BIG AL_original】Natalie Is My Fire

Natalie Is My Fire - Big Void


There's no charcoal There's no fire logs No alcohol but I'm not so cold Are you spending the night with men I don't know while I'm wasting much time…

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The ⑥ Circus - Crypton Carnival [VOCALOID Original] [Official]

Crypton Carnival - Kodakami

main:big_al main:daina main:sweet_ann main:dex main:oliver main:avanna

Crypton Carnival from "The ⑥ Circus" 2019 album by Kodakami Download links below! HQ Download: …

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[Kaito, Big Al & Yohioloid] Weather Head [Original Song]

Weather Head - HotGrenade

main:big_al main:kaito_v3_(english) main:yohioloid_(english)

I'm not dead! Hurrah! Here's a little something for Big AL's Big Ten. Happy birthday you synthesised Frankenstein! This wasn't originally intended …

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Notification - cocoacacao, HAYES


Happy 10th Big Al! ----------------------------------------------------------- GET IT HERE: link coming soon) ---------------------------------------…

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【Vocaloid_BIG AL_original】ウルトラマンに愛されて

Loved by Ultraman - Big Void

main:big_al backup:tonio

Vocaloid // BIG AL // TONIO music & art by Big Void ウルトラマンに愛されて(Beloved By Ultraman) 石の上にも三千年 飽きることも無く 同じ過ち何遍も 学ぶことも無く ウルトラマンに会いたくて 宇宙の果てまで…

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【Vocaloid  BIG AL  original】Cold Fire

Cold Fire - Big Void

main:big_al backup:chris backup:yohioloid_(english)

VOCALOID Big Al, Chris and Yohioloid songwriting & 3D modeling by BIG VOID Cold fire Cold fire Cold fire Cold fire Death is naturopathy to ease m…

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【Vocaloid / BIG AL / original】Sometimes My Love May Let You Down

Sometimes My Love May Let You Down - Big Void


Vocaloid // BIG AL // SWEET ANN // TONIO songwriter // BIG VOID 『Sometimes My Love May Let You Down』 Love is a kind of crime that makes you cry It'…

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【Vocaloid original】Nothing Lost Nothing gained【Big Al】

Nothing Lost Nothing Gained - Big Void

main:big_al main:sweet_ann

Vocaloid BIG AL music & art by me (BIG VOID) 【Nothing Lost Nothing Gained】 Nothing lost Nothing gained Nothing passed Nothing changed No one talks …

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【Vocaloid2 Big AL】台灣版示範曲 PV - On The Earth 在這地球上

On The Earth - shu-t


Vocaloid2 是由 YAMAHA 公司所開發的虛擬歌手軟體引擎,Big AL 是由 Power FX 公司所推出的男性歌手音源庫。飛天膠囊數位科技有限公司 ( E-CAPSULE Co. Ltd.) 已經取得 Power FX 公司同意發行台灣包裝版本。 中文官網:http://pow…

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【Vocaloid / original】Gimme Everything Tonight

Gimme Everything Tonight - Big Void


Vocaloid / Yohioloid, Big Al 『Gimme Everything Tonight』 I'm taking shelter from a pouring rain I'm standing in the shadow of an alleyway I can't st…

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