Top 19 Backup:V3 Gumi (English) Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday April 17, 2021

[OMORI FANSONG] There Was Something Behind You (Kagamine Len English) //SPOILERS//

There Was Something Behind You - SHUDDER

main:kagamine_len_v4_(english) backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:hatsune_miku

SPOILERS FOR OMORI Ok, so I've been on one HECK of an Omori bender as of recently. I just think the game is so neat, so I made a song about it! If …

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Steampianist - Rust - Feat. Sonata

Rust - Steampianist, Gian, Mika

backup:v3_gumi_(english) main:sonata

Please buy the album it's for charity subscribe to ginoplaysguitar/Gino Tambuatco's cha…

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【Vocaloid Original】Delusion Chapel【Miku V4x feat. Gumi English】

Delusion Chapel - Mismatcher-P

main:hatsune_miku_v4_(english) backup:v3_gumi_(english)

This video has flashing lights and quick moving graphics. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANOTHER ONE. Third song in the series BAYBEE. I... tried better…

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【Cyber Diva】 Kaleidoscope Haze 【Vocaloid Original】

Kaleidoscope Haze - Steampianist, Tsus

main:cyber_diva backup:v3_gumi_(english)

"The purest white is darker than the blackest night" ------------------------------------- We are Project OverDoze and this is our first song featur…

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VNaneP - I'M BACK feat. Fukase 【Original Song】

I'M BACK - VNane★Alicante

main:fukase_(english) backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:megurine_luka_v4x_english_(straight) backup:v_flower backup:hatsune_miku

SUBSCRIBE: Do you want to donate me? (Paypal): ____________________________________ ・・Music / Lyrics / …

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Steampianist - Lowbrow Party - Feat. Vocaloid Oliver

Lowbrow Party - Steampianist

main:oliver backup:v3_gumi_(english)

Its our new single!! the Lowbrow Party and Almost Everyone is Invited Merry xmas everyone and yes we realize that this isnt a very xmas-y song this…

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Steampianist - Meat Man feat. Oliver

Meat Man - Steampianist

main:oliver backup:v3_gumi_(english)

Hear the Woes of Meat Man The MV will be premiered maybe next year? haha i'm not sure with morb. she is trying to UP her animation so she will need …

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【Vocaloid Original】Meltberry - Bedroom Eyes ft. DEX

Bedroom Eyes - Meltberry

main:dex backup:v3_gumi_(english)

I’m just vibin' to the sound of your voice _______________________________________ hi I got DEX!! This song has major quarantine vibes because I hadn…

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MIND EATER / Gumi & flower 【Original Song】

MIND EATER - VNane★Alicante

backup:v3_gumi_(english) main:v4_flower main:v4_gumi_(power)

SUBSCRIBE : Do you like to donate me? (PayPal) : - Unrealased designs of GUMIN & FROWI: https://www.devi…

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Steampianist - The Last Crimson Leaf - feat. Sonata & Allegra

The Last Crimson Leaf - Steampianist, Mika, VOCAZONE, Yin-P

main:sonata main:allegra backup:v3_gumi_(english)

This the time the themes are Seasons and i got autumn autumn is very melancholic... OFF vocals…

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【AVANNA & SONiKA & GUMI】Brainwashed Love (Original Song)

Brainwashed Love - ADYXSHA

main:avanna backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:sonika

UPDATE : "Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn" OUT NOW! More information below : With gumi and sonika t…

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vocaloid cover ?Ghosts in my Room? ft. meika hime (Original by Meltberry)

?Ghosts in my Room? - Entro-P

main:meika_hime backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:meika_mikoto

Original: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELT!!! I honestly wasn't sure if I was gonna finish this cover or not but see…

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【Fukase English】the Last New Year【VOCALOIDオリジナル曲】(original song)
【SONiKA】Living Hell【VOCALOID Original】

Living Hell - Devil Cat

main:sonika backup:v3_gumi_(english)

there's glitching effects in this video, please do not watch if you are sensitive to that stuff!! if this video doesn't premiere and goes up immedia…

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【Sonika】Grayscale【Original Song Collaboration】

Grayscale - AleMegpoid, Hiyimi

main:sonika backup:cyber_songman backup:maika backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:avanna

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE UP ON SONIKA´S ANNIVERSARY. I am so glad that I got to collab with Lauren B again! We're actually working on something else a…

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Scarecrow Without a Story - charcolor ft. AVANNA (Vocaloid Original) (HA2020)

Scarecrow Without a Story - charcolor

main:avanna backup:v3_gumi_(english)

this was made for harvest avanna 2020!! i'm really honored to have had the opportunity to participate!!! you can listen to and download the album he…

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Bloqs - Only Want U

Bloqs - Only Want U

main:dex backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:ruby backup:avanna

Hello everyone, and welcome to our debut song 'Only Want U'. We hope you enjoy our song and continue to support our music. Links: Steaming Services:…

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Feast Upon a Starfish - charcolor ft. v4flower (Vocaloid Original)

Feast Upon a Starfish - charcolor

main:v4_flower backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:avanna

you are what you eat, or something (sorry as always for all the timing and rendering errors in the video. i can't properly preview the video while i'…

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【Ruby Gala】Pressure Cabin【Ruby】

Pressure Cabin - Kizumine, Missy

main:ruby backup:v3_gumi_(english)

This is by far my most experimental song. I had written this song about overthinking and getting stuck in your head, but it can also translate to a f…

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