Top 12 Backup:Maika Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday April 17, 2021

【vflower】You're An Awful Person【VOCALOID Original Song】

You're An Awful Person - R.I.P

main:v4_flower backup:dex backup:maika backup:otomachi_una_(unknown)

happy halloween 11th!!!! i was gonna out out a completely different song this month but i procrastinated by making a pv for this so....... :))) thi…

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【Chika】Finders Keepers【VOCALOID Original Song】

Finders Keepers - R.I.P

main:chika backup:maika

thanks for the song material this song started out as an experiment/joke but then I got attached and decided to make it sound good... also this is a…

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【vflower】Caffè Latte【Vocaloid Original】

Caffè Latte - Vane, Pumpkin Head

main:v_flower backup:maika

happy anniversary of dream granter everyone!!! I consider that song the reason my channel kicked off so I'm very happy to celebrate it!! yesterday I …

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ODDEEO - [SELF] (feat. Vocaloid Choir)
[Vocaloid Original] Hatsune Miku - El Patán (Pan con Chocolate - Episodio 5)

The Jerk - AlexTrip Sands

main:hatsune_miku backup:gumi backup:ia backup:maika

Más de la saga en Únete a nuestra página:…

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【Oliver】Take The Chance!【VOCALOID Original Song + PV】

Take The Chance! - Devsies

main:oliver backup:fukase_(english) backup:v4_flower backup:dex backup:maika backup:vy2

Hello everyone I finally present to you a song and PV I made over 2 years ago but kept putting off finishing the PV It was going to originally be a …

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VNaneP - BOOM BOOM ☆ In My Heart feat. LUKA & GUMI 【Tribute Song】
Luka Megurine - Hanabito

Hanabito - Kirara Seika

main:megurine_luka backup:maika backup:v_flower backup:yuzuki_yukari

The many colors of Luka's heart~ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! English version fe…

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【Fukase English】the Last New Year【VOCALOIDオリジナル曲】(original song)
Vocaloid Lumi - mysterium tremendum et fascinans

A Terrifying and Fascinating Mystery - Kirara Seika

main:lumi backup:ruby backup:megurine_luka backup:maika backup:yuzuki_yukari backup:prima

My intrepid entry for the Lumi song contest. Art by Rialyn K.V. Off-vocal:…

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【Sonika】Grayscale【Original Song Collaboration】

Grayscale - AleMegpoid, Hiyimi

main:sonika backup:cyber_songman backup:maika backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:avanna

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE UP ON SONIKA´S ANNIVERSARY. I am so glad that I got to collab with Lauren B again! We're actually working on something else a…

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Lalia - charcolor ft. AVANNA (Vocaloid Original)

Lalia - charcolor

main:avanna backup:maika

as you can see i had a lot of issues with the timing and rendering this properly. i gave up trying to make it perfect. i'm sorry. my next song will b…

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