Top 4 Backup:Kaito V3 (English) Songs This Week

Updated: Tuesday January 28, 2020

あったかいと halyosy feat. KAITO

Warm Kaito - halyosy

main:kaito_v3_(unknown) backup:kaito_v3_(english)

●やっぱキミとボクじゃないと! ●halyosyです。KAITO兄さん10周年を記念したメモリアルな楽曲を作りました! これまで応援されてきたファンのみなさんと、 開発から支えてこられたスタッフのみなさん、 そして素敵な歌声とネタで楽しませてくれるKAITO兄さんへ、 感謝の気持ちを込めました。み…

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【Vocaloid Original Song】 Nebulaholic 【Cyber Diva】

Nebulaholic - CircusP

main:cyber_diva backup:dex backup:cyber_songman backup:kaito_v3_(english)

We're in the celestial age -- This is a song I wrote about a celestial being obsessed with creating the perfect life, but does so via trial and erro…

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【Clara】 Borderline (feat. MAIKA) 【ORIGINAL】 ᴴᴰ

Borderline - HorizonsP

main:clara main:maika backup:meiko_v3_(english) backup:avanna backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english) backup:kaito_v3_(english) main:macne_nana_(english)

Latest Upload ► Twitter ► Soundcloud ►…

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【MAIKA】Waves of Change【Original English Demo】

Waves of Change - EmpathP

main:maika backup:kaito_v3_(english)

Hello everyone. Recently I had the supreme pleasure of working with Voctro Labs on creating an English demo for their new Vocaloid MAIKA. I would lik…

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