Top 7 Backup:Hatsune Miku V3 (English) Songs This Week

Updated: Thursday August 6, 2020

ODDEEO - [SELF] (feat. Vocaloid Choir)
【初音ミク - Hatsune Miku Append】Schwarzer Regen【Original】

Black Rain - regulus

main:hatsune_miku_append_(dark) backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english)

Ever heard a Vocaloid sing German before? Here you go. READ FOR MORE ↓↓↓ This very interesting song comes from the producer named Regulus, who has b…

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Maubox ft. CRYPTON 6 - ¡Gracias Por Venir!

Thank you for coming! - Ankari, Move->Forward, lNahual

main:kaito_v3_(straight) main:meiko_v3_(unknown) main:hatsune_miku_v3_(unknown) main:kagamine_rin_v4x_(unknown) main:kagamine_len_v4x_(unknown) main:megurine_luka backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english)

¡Ahora también en Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, etc! ? Spotify: Bandcam…

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Osanzi feat.初音ミク - Be Inspired!

Be Inspired! - Osanzi

main:hatsune_miku backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english)

(-◆◆-) ご無沙汰してます、Osanziです。 さむい ◇Music,Movie : Osanzi (@3_o_clocker)  - mylist/42437482  - 2ndアルバムが出てます!(この曲は入ってません…!) …

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Falling... - MINO-U

main:meiko_v3_(unknown) backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english)

Available now on itunes!!! 【】 動画をご覧いただきありがとうございます。 ボカロオリジナル楽曲5曲目、どうもMINO-Uと申します。 ニコニコ版…

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【Clara】 Borderline (feat. MAIKA) 【ORIGINAL】 ᴴᴰ

Borderline - HorizonsP

main:clara main:maika backup:meiko_v3_(english) backup:avanna backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english) backup:kaito_v3_(english) main:macne_nana_(english)

Latest Upload ► Twitter ► Soundcloud ►…

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【GUMI ENG】 Witches' Love (Original Song)

Witches' Love - AdyS

main:v3_gumi_(english) backup:sonika backup:hatsune_miku_v3_(english)

UPDATE : "Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn" OUT NOW! More information below : A bit complicated rela…

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