Top 6 Backup:Fukase (English) Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday April 17, 2021

【Dex】Just a Robot (K1-B0/Kiibo fan song) 【VOCALOID Original】 +VSQX

Just a Robot - Mcki Robyns-P

main:dex backup:big_al backup:fukase_(english) backup:kagamine_len_v4_(english)

"And no, I'm not part of some sci fi plot" The hype for this song has been the biggest so far, so I'm really excited for you guys to finally hear th…

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【Oliver, Fukase, Kagamine Len, Utatane Piko】it's dark!【Original Song Collaboration】

it's dark! - GHOST, Polycerate Majesty

main:oliver backup:fukase_(english) backup:utatane_piko main:kagamine_len_v4_(english)

we wrote a song about oliver eating dirt this song is pretty much a summary of things that have been said in group calls during the past week and i…

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Aku P ft. Kagamine Len " So What " Vocaloid Original Song

So What - Aku P

main:kagamine_len_v4x_(power) backup:cyber_diva backup:daina backup:fukase_(english) backup:hatsune_miku_v4_(english)

Hey friendos I wrote a song for Rin/Len's 10th anniversary!!! I actually was going to make 2 songs but for time I just made one for Len, I hope you e…

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【Oliver】T.V.V.S.【Original Song + PV】

T.V.V.S. - Cora, WinterdrivE

main:oliver backup:fukase_(english)

Music, lyrics, PV: cora Tuning: WinterdrivE MP3: Instrumental:…

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[Vocaloid Original] Kaleidoscope Haze Chapter: War [Hatsune Miku]

Kaleidoscope Haze Chapter: War - Steampianist

main:hatsune_miku_v4_(english) backup:ruby backup:fukase_(english) backup:oliver backup:yohioloid_(english) backup:avanna backup:cyber_diva backup:cyber_songman

"It's Over" ------------------------------------- This Song Was A Long Time Coming, I'm Super Nervous, This Is The First Video I've Done In Premi…

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【Oliver】Take The Chance!【VOCALOID Original Song + PV】

Take The Chance! - Devsies

main:oliver backup:fukase_(english) backup:v4_flower backup:dex backup:maika backup:vy2

Hello everyone I finally present to you a song and PV I made over 2 years ago but kept putting off finishing the PV It was going to originally be a …

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