Top 14 Backup:Dex Songs This Week

Updated: Saturday April 17, 2021

【Gumi English】 HOUSEWIFE RADIO 【Original Song】


main:v3_gumi_(english) backup:dex

Original upload date: July 19, 2016 this song was originally part of a series i was working on at the time called "communications", which has since …

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【Yohioloid】 The Distortionist【Original Song】

The Distortionist - GHOST

main:yohioloid_(english) backup:dex

Original upload date: April 9, 2017 you wanna know a fun fact? huh? you wanna know an entertaining factoid? i named the man in this video christophe…

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【vflower】You're An Awful Person【VOCALOID Original Song】

You're An Awful Person - R.I.P

main:v4_flower backup:dex backup:maika backup:otomachi_una_(unknown)

happy halloween 11th!!!! i was gonna out out a completely different song this month but i procrastinated by making a pv for this so....... :))) thi…

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【Undertale】Side Chara(cter)【Original Song】

Side Chara(cter) - EmpathP

backup:dex backup:cyber_diva backup:daina backup:sweet_ann main:hatsune_miku_v4_(english) backup:yohioloid_(english)

To celebrate Miku V4X's release, here is the next original Undertale song I have composed for my upcoming EP: "Friends or Flowers?". Cast list (as …

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【Vocaloid Original Song】 Nebulaholic 【Cyber Diva】

Nebulaholic - CircusP

main:cyber_diva backup:dex backup:cyber_songman backup:kaito_v3_(english)

We're in the celestial age -- This is a song I wrote about a celestial being obsessed with creating the perfect life, but does so via trial and erro…

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ODDEEO - [SELF] (feat. Vocaloid Choir)
【Undertale】 GraveyarD 【feat. Ruby】 original Vocaloid song

GraveyarD - MarvyanakaP

main:ruby backup:dex

The conflict between 'adoptive siblings' after their very death. Who is stronger, who will stay in the abyss forever? Do they feel the same anymore? …

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Meltberry - Malibu Daydream ft. Rin【Vocaloid Original】

Malibu Daydream - Meltberry

main:kagamine_rin backup:dex

It's about time I used Rin! I also used my own voice again in the background for some of the harmonies. I think it gives some ethereal vibes idk. Thi…

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【Luo Tianyi】 Divine Daughter 【Vocaloid Original】

Divine Daughter - tart

main:luo_tianyi_v4_japanese_(normal) backup:dex backup:hideyoshi_akamine

the daring girl and her trusty snake-man sidekick i had to rerender this this THREE TIMES because it kept screwing up. it was supposed to hav…

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[DAINA] Can we Talk [Original Song + PV]

Can We Talk - EmpathP

main:daina backup:dex backup:ruby

I'm very excited to share this song with you all, and this is the official single for my new album "Connection". I want to thank the grand ponponkitt…

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【Oliver】Take The Chance!【VOCALOID Original Song + PV】

Take The Chance! - Devsies

main:oliver backup:fukase_(english) backup:v4_flower backup:dex backup:maika backup:vy2

Hello everyone I finally present to you a song and PV I made over 2 years ago but kept putting off finishing the PV It was going to originally be a …

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【Vocaloid Original】7AM【Chris】

7AM - Entro-P

main:chris backup:kaori backup:dex backup:cyber_songman_ii

I've lost track of time ______________________________________________ Hi I'm still on break from making music BUT Doesn't mean I can't post stuff I…

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[Prima & Tonio] A Merry Haunt [Vocaloid Original]

A Merry Haunt - Jade Kaiba

main:tonio main:prima backup:dex backup:daina backup:avanna backup:sonika

Happy Halloween! In this song, a human comes across a host of ghosts having a tea party and learns of the tragic fates that befell them... (Note: Thi…

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【Fukase English】the Last New Year【VOCALOIDオリジナル曲】(original song)

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