Top 6 Backup:Cyber Songman Songs This Week

Updated: Thursday September 24, 2020

【Vocaloid Original Song】 Nebulaholic 【Cyber Diva】

Nebulaholic - CircusP

main:cyber_diva backup:dex backup:cyber_songman backup:kaito_v3_(english)

We're in the celestial age -- This is a song I wrote about a celestial being obsessed with creating the perfect life, but does so via trial and erro…

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ODDEEO - [SELF] (feat. Vocaloid Choir)
[Vocaloid Original] Kaleidoscope Haze Chapter: War [Hatsune Miku]

Kaleidoscope Haze Chapter: War - Steampianist

main:hatsune_miku_v4_(english) backup:ruby backup:fukase_(english) backup:oliver backup:yohioloid_(english) backup:avanna backup:cyber_diva backup:cyber_songman

"It's Over" ------------------------------------- This Song Was A Long Time Coming, I'm Super Nervous, This Is The First Video I've Done In Premi…

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【Vocaloid Original】7AM【Chris】

7AM - Entro-P

main:chris backup:kaori backup:dex backup:cyber_songman_ii

I've lost track of time ______________________________________________ Hi I'm still on break from making music BUT Doesn't mean I can't post stuff I…

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【Sonika】Grayscale【Original Song Collaboration】

Grayscale - AleMegpoid, Hiyimi

main:sonika backup:cyber_songman backup:maika backup:v3_gumi_(english) backup:avanna

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE UP ON SONIKA´S ANNIVERSARY. I am so glad that I got to collab with Lauren B again! We're actually working on something else a…

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[Vocaloid 5 English Original] Beat a Treat

Beat a Treat - Bill White

main:avanna backup:cyber_songman_ii backup:ruby

So, this is not a good song. There's no real melody; the Vocaloids sound downright creepy. It was supposed to be more of a rock song but can't get th…

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