Two of a Kind - GHOST

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2020-07-06 Ranked #77 English This Week
2020-06-29 Ranked #79 English This Week
2020-06-22 Ranked #76 English This Week
2020-06-15 Ranked #80 English This Week
2020-06-08 Ranked #82 English This Week
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Two of a Kind is a song by producer(s) GHOST and uses vocalist(s) Otomachi Una Sugar & Otomachi Una Spicy. This song was first added to our tracker on Thursday October 29, 2020 and has been on our chart 1 time. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel GHOST.

I can see the stars are melting away...
A telescope foretold our eternity,
as I stood by the window.
Turning around to face you...
Turning around to tell you.
I told you so, the stars are melting away!
And it's my place to say,
today, this space will never be the same.
for two of a kind.
I can see the strings of fate falling apart,
(Uuuuu, uwaaaaaaa~)
And I can see the wings of Heaven
Shedding their feathers, in unison the angels are
turning around to face you.
Turning around to show you...
So heed the stars, their light will leave us in the dark.
In the depths of our hearts,
a time when I was watching from afar
over two of a kind.
You saw, the stars are melting away
and it's my place to say,
today, our lives will never be the same.
We were two of a kind.
[GHOST feat. Otomachi Una]
[Illustrations by; Nat, Icefly, Minty, Morei, Hjordis,]
[Zhi, GHOST, Anna, Alexis, Sasalovu,]
[PRISMkidd, Checkmate, Grace, toume-i (Maximus)]
[Dizzy, Cooper, TV, Pyo.]
[Subtitles written by Sh00ken- -TruS.]
[Two of a Kind.]