Trash and Trash! - Wada Takeaki

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Trash and Trash! is a song by producer(s) Wada Takeaki and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin. This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel 和田たけあき.

translation by Hazuki no Yume
Bring everything you don’t need over here.
Right now, I’m a garbage collecting intern.
Isn’t it the ideal to lead a minimalistic lifestyle?
Do you really need that thing you’re holding so dear?
All the things you’re keeping
are binding you hand and foot,
robbing you of your freedom!
That’s why—Trash, trash, everything is trash
just throw everything away!
Trash, trash, decluttering is good for your health!
If you’re not using it, let’s throw it away.
Even if it seems wasteful, let’s throw it away.
That treasure of yours, full of memories?
Let’s throw it away.
You don’t need that right? Here, I’ll throw it away for you.
Do you really need all that troublesome
interpersonal relationship stuff?
Come on, throw it away. That’s right, throw it away.
No one’s going to help you.
That’s why—Trash, trash, everyone,
everyone, let’s throw it away.
Trash, trash, the majority of humanity
is completely rotten!
The smell is terrible, so let’s throw them all away.
Even if you still have feelings for them,
let’s throw them away.
That person who won’t return your love?
Let’s throw them away, too!
That hero of justice (lol) who always tattles on
everyone is seriously annoying, so let’s throw her away.
That delusional idiot who thinks she’s the number one
special snowflake (;^_^A, let’s throw her away, too!
That mentally ill girl who does crazy things to get noticed should be thrown away, too!
And then the girl who’s negative toward
everyone like that should be thrown away, too.
And then—
Trash, trash, I, too, I, too, am turning into trash.
Trash, trash, I’m unneeded. I’m full of crap myself.
I’ve realized that all along, but I don’t feel
like improving myself, so let’s throw myself away,
since there’s absolutely nothing lovable about me.
Trash, trash, goodbye. Goodbye. Yes, goodbye.
The things I’ve thrown away are too heavy,
I can’t move a finger.
But it’s already too late to realize that.
There’s nothing to do now, right? So goodbye.
I’m the most unneeded in this world.
Let’s throw myself away.
I’m unneeded!