Transparent Elegy - n-buna

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This song was first added to our tracker on Friday September 6, 2019 and has been on our chart 4 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel ヨルシカ / n-buna official.

translation by Coleena Wu
On the top floor, you’re alone,
your swaying shadow always, always—
"Our love can’t be found anymore, can it?"
Transparent Elegy
The sound of swallowing words
stops my breath, alone downtown
The inside of my throat mixes the dark night,
right now, falling
Yesterday was forgotten
Can I not? Remember? About tomorrow, either?
Aah, it hurts; Something like hurt—
My voice had certainly been reaching
I “hate” you; something like hate—
Words rust and can’t be heard
Love? Or not? A painful condition;
Both songs and colors are of 68 nights
Yes, we’ll say farewell with this,
I send to you
The scenery seen from the top floor,
falling shadows always, always—
"Can you no longer hear our voices, either?"
The rusting words’ sound,
the deepest depths of a foggy heart
Within the morning glow,
you’re alone, only once again transparent
The sound of a heartbeat limited to one
resounds within the closed off room
Words won’t come out, just like they don’t,
I was certainly here
I don’t look at you; not looking—
Even now, I’m still deeply attached and can’t let go
Aah, it hurts, a painful condition;
within my ears, the words from that day are—
Aah, saying farewell with this—Even your voice
The words I wished for that day
are already stuck in my ears
Severing my emotions, “bye-bye, bye”
Just what had I wanted?
Trash has piled up after many years;
I was, you were, I was thrown aside
I still…aah…
Within the dark, dark, deepest depths of my heart,
I’d hidden the truth
It’s too late now; too late—I only now realized that
Aah, I hate, I hate it, you and me,
everything, everything, everything
"…should just turn transparent and disappear."
Words won’t come out, just like they don’t,
my voice was definitely resounding
Even now, I hate it; something like hate—
Too close words don’t reach
Aah, it hurts, a painful condition;
both songs and colors are of 68 nights
Yes, we’ll say farewell with this, I send to you
Resounding throughout the night sky,
a transparent elegy