The lazy staff and his worried boss - Ann-MeltsP

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The lazy staff and his worried boss is a song by producer(s) Ann-MeltsP and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Len V4x (Unknown) & Kagamine Rin V4x (Unknown). This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 19, 2020 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel アンメルツP [Ann-Melts P] / G.C.M Records.

translation by Ikhwan-san EQ-01
"The lazy staff and his worried boss"
My juniors can do everything
For some reason, recently, I was really sure about it
Every year, the new employees are excellent
But why's he the only one who doesn't grow up? (Yeah!)
The clock catches my eyes,
that regular time will arrive very soon
I must return home immediately
and watch that girl's TV show
I push my time card, preparation OK!
My real performance today starts from here! (Yahoo!)
What the, you're standing there?
Here are your good-for-nothing documents!
They're full of mistakes, what are you doing?
Do it all over again by today!
I can't believe this! If you want to say it, say it earlier!
I forgot to record it, everything's over
Today's over
There's no way I can finish this, seems I'll fall ill
That unyielding, selfish woman is Disgusting!
"Why is he so lazy?"
The supervisor asks me the question
I heard them whispering,
I wonder if it's a gossip about me
Has it finally arrived, the arrival of
romantic attention!? (Are you stupid!)
I've worked here for 10 years already
Right now, ah, I'm in the middle management
The president is a heavy drinker,
and her secretary is too damn serious
My superior's smile is scary... (Stop!!)
You're so irritated recently
Haven't you always said too much to me?
The delivery date is tomorrow, that's impossible!
If you're my superior, please do something!
I can't believe this! If you want to say it, say it earlier!
He stopped his job and went home
I'm done for!
I'm somewhat in a dilemma, seems I'll fall ill
That unreliable, carefree man is Disgusting!
The very-piled-up mountain of documents,
surprisingly, has finished!!
I guess it can't be helped,
because taking your responsibility
is the superior's (my) job
I can't believe this!
You're somewhat kind today, aren't you?
Crap! My heart wringed...
I'm done for! I've fallen in love?!
If I don't regain my strength at all, then I'd be uncool
I Lock on to that unadorned tsundere woman! You!
I can't believe this! The speed of his work,
is he a different man!?
His eyes are full of passion, he has changed
Somehow, he changed
His look that I feel everyday is unpleasant...
That incomprehensible, carefree man is Disgusting!