The 13th Apocalypse - HitoshizukuP, yama△

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The 13th Apocalypse is a song by producer(s) HitoshizukuP, yama△ and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len. This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel ひとしずく×やま△ (Hitoshizuku_Yamasankakkei).

The Apocalypse 13th
inside a castle of roses and thorns
A maiden lies there all on her own
Who might she be dreaming of tonight?
Young princess bound to this cursed fate
In a place that I had made in my mind
I met the fairest girl that I'd ever seen
Your eyes told me this is nothing but a dream
But my heart was captured instantly
We spoke no words as we stood together
Hand in hand
Just like a dream that I never want
To end
But this dream can last, forever, I know that
But even so I can't just throw away my feelings for you
The wheel begins to turn as we
spin our destiny
Even though this is just a dream
It comes to life so vividly,
The two of our souls are
wandering endlessly
held down by this curse, our love will never be fulfilled
Tangled up we have both been locked behind the bars of, our desire
Everything boiling down it seems that,
The thirteenth spindles curse is
Coming true, anything we do,
We cannot avoid this dreams true ending
Even if we can't see the brand new day
Just for now, let me remain here with you
Since I met you on that one fateful day
I simply could not just forget you
I save you even if it costs my life
Setting out, I leave all I know behind
My loyal prince, you're the only one in which I do believe
And I pray that you will come and set me free
I will be there soon, please hurry, very soon
Before the curse that lasts for 100 long years awakens
I've finally found the tower
Where my princess awaits
No matter what I have to face
I promise I will rescue you
As long as I am sleeping, my soul will never escape
Sleeping all of these years
Waiting for the time to come
The truth has faded over the years
and the people have forgotten
The thirteenth spindle with prick the girl
Who is destined to destroy the world
One by one non-believers run
From the sealed castle fleeing from the evil
But I'll never quite that easily
'Cause with you, we'll find the real ending
I push my way through a path that's filled with thorns
My princess you won't have to wait anymore
I know that your here, I'm here now, standing near
And as we proclaim our love we share a kiss
The curse on me (you) is lifted
The princess awakens, and a tear falls down her cheek
The Prince wipes it away and takes her gently into his arms
I've always looked forward to opening up my eyes
Now all you need to do, hold me right by your side
And end my life!!
Our destiny is marked by the tolling of the bells
The cruel music rings out and fills up the air so vividly
For all of these years this curse was sleeping in me
And on this fateful day everyone will learn the truth
The thirteenth seal is weakening
Soon the evil, will be set free
But before she completes the lore
We can change it if we just, hurry!
Finally deciding to take their lives,
With their hands intertwined, they jump together
So as long as you stay with me, let us sleep
In our dreams forevermore