Thank you for coming! - Ankari, Move->Forward, lNahual

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Thank you for coming! is a song by producer(s) Ankari, Move->Forward, lNahual and uses vocalist(s) Kaito V3 (Straight), Meiko V3 (Unknown), Hatsune Miku V3 (Unknown), Kagamine Rin V4x (Unknown), Kagamine Len V4x (Unknown), Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku V3 (English). This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 28, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel Maubox.

MIKU: Is everyone ready?
MIKU: Let's see... Kaito?
KAITO: Coming!
MIKU: Okay... Rin?
RIN: Onwards! KAITO: Let's go!
MIKU: Good! Meiko?
MEIKO: Here!
MIKU: Len?
LEN: I'm here.
MIKU: Luka?
LUKA: Yes.
MIKU: Did everyone bring everything?
LUKA: I think so. LEN: Uhh... I thiiink. MEIKO: I think.
MEIKO: And you two? LUKA: Where are your things?
RIN: The staff will take charge.
LEN: Rin... MEIKO: Kaito!
MIKU: We'll go touring this year
EVERYONE: Yeeeeessss!
MIKU: We're ready and eager to go
MIKU: Since we don't need a visa
MIKU: We'll live out the American Dream
KAITO: What did she say? RIN: What? Len: Come again?
MIKU: I rode a cow, asked for donations
MIKU: And we practiced our English and Spanish
LUKA: Hello LEN: Hi RIN: Hey there
MEIKO: And... eñe! KAITO, RIN AND LEN: Eñe!
MIKU: We're so excited about this trip!
EVERYONE: I'll visit with my whole family
MIKU: I'll sing songs like [CENSORED] RIN AND LEN: Don't say it! MEIKO: Aaaaaaaahh!!
LUKA: And I will dance RIN: I will talk LEN: I will jump
EVERYONE: We'll have a great time
EVERYONE: I'm so happy that I'll be there for you
EVERYONE: Thanks for coming!
RIN: Auuugh! These cows won't listen to me!
RIN: Miku, do something!
MIKU: Moo.
RIN: ... No.
MIKU: Mooo?
LEN: Uhhh... let's just take the bus.
LUKA: Aaaand, welcome to Mexico.
MIKU: Our tour's about to end RIN, LEN AND MEIKO: Nooooooo. LUKA AND KAITO: Already?
MIKU: We ate a lot of things and drank even more
MEIKO: That's right. KAITO: Only the grown-ups, though. RIN AND LEN: ....Yeah, right.
MIKU: And we got to see the metro
MIKU: Because the truck was ordered off the roads
MIKU: People are really nice here and also very kind
MIKU: They wanted lots of official merchandise RIN AND LEN: Custoooms!
MIKU: And in case we ran out of merch, they made even more things
MIKU: And they're giving it all away outside of the venue
RIN: Haah... LEN: Miku, no.... LUKA: Miku... MEIKO: Miku. KAITO: Uhh...
EVERYONE: I'm here today with my whole family
MIKU: I don't know why people kept asking for La Bikina
MIKU: But I will dance MEIKO: I will talk KAITO: I will jump!
EVERYONE: We'll have an amazing time MEIKO AND KAITO: Yeah!
EVERYONE: I'm so happy to be here for you
EVERYONE: Thanks for coming!
MEIKO: So what was the best food?
RIN: Hamburgers LEN: Tacos
RIN: No, hamburgers. LEN: No, tacos.
KAITO: Ice cream is best.
RIN AND LEN: What?! No!
MIKU: Piiiiizza--[om nom nom]
LUKA: Burritos?
KAITO: Okay. RIN: Yeah, they're okay. MEIKO: Much better. LEN: They're good.
MIKU: I wanted to see the whole world
LUKA: Don't we all?
MIKU: But it's too big and we didn't have enough money
MEIKO: Boooo.
MIKU: Let's wait until next year, Ibero-America is a great option
LUKA: But I would've liked to sing more songs...
MEIKO: Me too, but I wasn't going to complain
MIKU: Aah... now that you mention it, that would've been good...
RIN: Don't worry, I'll handle this!
LEN: Oh yeah?
RIN: Yeah, everything will change with a great RIN EXPO, I've gotten lots of good feedback about it
RIN: There's a plan in place, everyone will wear bows and short shorts and--[MMMPH]
LEN: Please forgive her, she doesn't know what she's talking about.
RIN: Yes I do!
MIKU: Don't worry.
KAITO: Yeah, we'd look good...
MEIKO: Kaito wouldn't look good.
LEN: But I would?!
EVERYONE: I hope we can meet again and that I can see more new places
MIKU: And I will dance, jump, sing and
EVERYONE: We'll have the best time ever
EVERYONE: I'm so happy, that's why I will say
LEN: Len "waz" here!
LUKA: No. Not that.
MIKU: I'm here for you LEN: And me RIN: And me KAITO: And me LUKA: And me
MEIKO: Enough! One, two, three!
EVERYONE: Thanks for coming!
RIN: Yeah! MEIKO: Thanks!
Luka: That's right KAITO: Thanks!
Len: Good job! MIKU: Thank you!