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Terrorism is a song by producer(s) Neru and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin. This song was first added to our tracker on Thursday October 29, 2020 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Neru OFFICIAL.

Set your mind on writing a letter
that you can’t express with words
I’d been considering sending it
to the person I’d be in the days to come,
But I don’t have an address to send it to,
and don’t know where I am, either…
So then what am I supposed to do with these feelings?
How’s it feel to have become
someone you never wanted to be?
God’s laughing up there in heaven,
pointing his finger down at you
Shut up, you useless piece of shit;
hurry up and get out of my sight
The misery grows upon you bitterly…
Squinting, turning away from love and being
shut in a 6-tatami room, that’s terrorism
This whole time, I’ve been
singing out – no, I’ve been crying out
If you say that’s wrong, then take a
bullet heavier than those words
and shoot
When struck at
strike back – it’s your turn now!
It’s time for you to seize every
single dream thrown away
I’ve bet my heart’s place on thisresistance
Laugh back as much as you were
laughed at, but no more.
A coup d’etat of life, so to speak
We’ll secure neither victories nor
losses through over time.
It’s the eve of our counteroffensive
I used to earnestly believe that things could
change if I put my thoughts to song
I’d thought simply that without embarrassment or guilt
Domination and the like, who’s talking about that?
Looks like there aren’t any huge idiots who would
Trapped by fear of the voices of
the heartless crowd, that’s terrorism
Just like that, I've rejected others -
no, I've run away from them
If this is our final chance, then for
this terrible stage…
I guess I'm sorry
When struck at
strike back – it’s your turn now!
Ignore all those who abuse and jeer at you
A cry for help leaks out from the
wounds in my heart, mayday
Laugh back as much as you were
laughed at, but no more.
This intifada occurred in a single room.
A defensive battle with neither soldiers nor officers,
it's the eve of our revolution
Even when worn out, take it back.
Your heart is yours and yours alone.
Life shines so brightly because
that’s what makes it life.
You may fall over, trip, or collapse,
but that is proof you tried to advance forwards
That’s why anyone who laughs at that is the worst.
But despite everything, the world’ll keep going ‘round
Is that right? Is it?
Give me the answer…
Music: Neru
Movie Ilust.: Ryuusee
English Translation: Coleena wu