SLoWMoTIoN - PinocchioP

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2020-05-18 Ranked #70 This Week
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This song was first added to our tracker on Monday July 1, 2019 and has been on our chart 47 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel ピノキオピー PINOCCHIOP OFFICIAL CHANNEL.

things just gradually go on changing
Having dropped by the convenience store to grab a bento
I was in my room just watching TV
Having come to compromise as for the answer to the question
I’ll keep playing the fool who answers with wild fantasies
Having broken out in a fever and gulped down some medicine
I was sleeping tucked into my futon
Your stupid face suddenly popped into my head
Stuck in a feverish daze thinking “I’m not ready to die just yet.”
Wearing that smug, self-satisfied face in your teens
Learning the meaning of shame and embarrassment in your 20s
Finally getting the full measure of yourself in your 30s
That’s all part and parcel of one’s human experience
Breaking into a sweat and changing my pyjamas,
The clock strikes 12
This song has been going on for about a minute,
How long has it been since you were born?
from cradle to the grave
Stuck with a wildly fluctuating manic-depressive condition
Wanting to make at least a single ideal romantic connection,
But trying too hard at that whole communication thing is bound to backfire
Continually auditioning all comers while that aesthetic sense continues to dull with age
You’re not the only one with a life full of regrets
It'll be okay
Tinkering with the parts to suit your current tastes
Figuring out just what you gotta do is love
The past, present and future
all blend together in the depths of the night
This cough is giving me fits, I chugged some water
With a deep breath I lapsed back into thought
Battling a runny nose, I prayed for harmony and inner peace
But a single sneeze and I can kiss that enlightenment goodbye
My old self, the one that could laugh with nary a worry
Who wouldn’t cry over a few bumps in the road
Now with a smile worn down by the sands of time,
I’m well on pace for my wrinkle-filled finale
While changing the towel on my forehead,
I realized it’s only two-something in the morning
This song has got about 2 more minutes left in it
How much of your lifespan do you have left?
the capstone of those years of toil,
Perfectly partitioned, that hatred and backstabbing kept just out of sight
I’d like to say that except for a few essential things, I don’t really care to remember all that happened…
As for my imagination, a life-time of sensory overload has mostly ground in to dust
Don’t get me started on religion, a pile of blind, preconceived notions
Even if you try and go out in style with a funny portrait on your casket, haters are gonna hate
And that’s just the way it is
Writhing and wriggling about
Stuck in this spot where everything once familiar has quite steadily slipped away
Even when caught in the grip of this sentimental self-reflection
“Achoo! Achoo!” This sneezing still makes me look pretty dumb
“Sniffle, Sniffle” This stuffy nose-whistle of mine,
It serves as a sign of the approaching dawn
morning comes and my fever falls
A glance out of the window reveals a “clear blue sky”-type condition
Reflecting back on it all, should I just go with the flow and casually give up the ghost right now?
Slow-motion, even idols can’t fight Father Time for long
They hit the variety show circuit and eventually turn to dust like everyone else
The beginning and end of life slowly tied together, it’s such a strange and wondrous occurrence
It’s a combination of things, I mean, sure you want to meet the “right” person
But the true question is: “What is “right”, really?”
A life full of regrets and embarrassment, missteps abound, that’s for sure
Cleaned out till you’re empty inside,
that’s par for the course I’d say
It'll be okay
I think
Everything just slowly moving towards that final curtain drop