Scattered Glass - cillia

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2019-11-11 Ranked #58 This Week
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This song was first added to our tracker on Sunday November 10, 2019 and has been on our chart 1 time. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel kyaami.

In this gloomy world,
alone by myself, where was I heading?
The one who held onto this clear reflection...
I had a feeling that it wasn't you.
Nothing but noise going through my head
Reflecting in my eyes, a shadow
Hands on it's throat, it screamed
"Break me"
Even when I close my eyes,
the pain still remains.
I remember about that day;
it's nothing but scars
Just like glass,
I'll just keep breaking
Because of you,
these fragmented flashbacks
One by one, they come back to me
I wonder how much longer
this path will continue?
Even though I'm already numb...
No matter how many times I take hold
These emotions that I can't keep down
This road of righteousness that I can't seem to stray from
The you that was left in nostalgia
If only it could have stayed like that.
The hand I held onto was just so cold
I've had enough of it all!
Fragments of tears crumbled down
A breath stopping sensation
resonated through my heart
"Just like glass, with a fix it'll be back to normal"
Something like that is just a delusion, it's too late
I'll run, until the light shines down
Even if I'm restrained by the threads of the past
I tried screaming out "I'm sick of it"
I can't take it back anymore
I'll flip it inside out,
this heart of mine that's become faded
I'll slip through this impassable door of life
I'll run to the other side of the sky!
I'm sure that someone will be waiting there
I'm right here