Sand Planet - Hachi

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2020-06-22 Ranked #11 This Week
2020-06-15 Ranked #9 This Week
2020-06-08 Ranked #10 This Week
2020-06-01 Ranked #6 This Week
2020-05-25 Ranked #8 This Week
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“Sand Planet” by Hachi is a Japanese vocaloid song featuring Hatsune Miku. It is the most viewed vocaloid song of all time on YouTube with over 40+ million video views. The music video features a hardened Miku leading a gang of people through a post apocalyptic world. Many fans of the song have interpreted this song to be a metaphor to the slowly declining state of the vocaloid community and the hope that it will one day return to its former glory. This song was first added to our tracker on Saturday June 15, 2019 and has been on our chart 55 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel 米津玄師.