Puella Magi PYCHO DEVIL - You Takahashi

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Puella Magi PYCHO DEVIL / manbo-p
Lyrics, Music & Illustration : Yoh Takahashi
My dear, you finally knew it.
Yes, I'm a magical girl.
I wished we would never meet like this.
No No, you can't deny it.
You watched me slaying a monster. You were there...
When I smashed its temple with a crowbar,
and bound it with an extension cable,
and dragged it by a boat, then slam it against the sea.
The body has not been found yet,
I'm sure it can't run away
because I cut it's Achilles tendon with a nipper.
As you see, I cannot cast any fancy magic.
But I just can't stop my bizarre showing off.
Surprised? Oh, maybe because I didn't dress up.
I couldn't remove the bloodstain.
You know, it's not mine though.
Well, anyway what to say...
I'll be fired if I'm compromised
I want to meet more monsters
and smash, crash and trash them all.
They are very tough like pests things
and entertain me long enough time.
Their nails recover right after I peeled them
Their body is tough, but their mind is too weak.
That's why they soon start begging me for their lives.
They shouldn't be born if they're afraid of death.
Oh, I realized I don't have to put an end to my magical tail here
If nobody watched me expect YOU.
My dear, what a poor begging.
Show your best. DO CRY.
My dear pity boy,
it's my mercy to blow up only your memory
with MY M-A-G-I-C.
Don't move, I'm plugging dynamites into your nose.
Don't worry, you cannot be dead with this amount.
Don't you trust me? Easy, I studied it.
The threshold to keep you being a human.
If we failed to blow your memory,
I'll tell everyone that your boogers exploded
and you are in a hospital.
That's too shame right?
You can't be seen in public forever.