Pessimist and Fake Optimist - CATTS

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Pessimist and Fake Optimist is a song by producer(s) CATTS and uses vocalist(s) Kyo & Yuu. This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 19, 2020 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel CATTS S.

Laughing in a carefree way
Making fun of those weaker than them
People laugh at the misery of others
They laught and left them in the filty ground
I know, I'm the most hypocritical of them all
Words can't affect me
Listening to the phrases of a dirty demon
I end up laughing too
Why do I fell so empty?
Believing having friends and breaking myself at the end
I was part of the worse for my cowardice
but I'm still looking for more excuses
"The cruelty of the people doesn't matter to me anymore"
I said muttering in tears
I don't how much longer I'll be able to force this mask
that feigns the smile for me
Why do I fell so empty?
Believing having friends and breaking myself at the end
I promised to find you again someday
but still I can't find an answer
Maybe this is what the destiny wants
No matter how hard I try, everything always goes wrong
I used everything I had in my favor
and now I have nothing left
At 12am I vomited blood
The marks of my mistakes will no longer heal
I thought about ending it all, about a thousand times
but your memory prevents me...
Why do I fell so empty?
My weakness made me throw everything away
I lost the life that I thought was perfect before
but I believe I still have something left...
Ah...I'm still here
You're here, we are here
Two souls separated by selfishness
"Finally! I found you"
Facing us together against the world
We'll have to face it together...