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Main Character is a song by producer(s) *Luna, bibi and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Len V4x (Unknown). This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 19, 2020 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel [OFFICIAL] *Luna.

And then, we clapped each other on the shoulder,
vowing: “Let’s do something big. We’re gonna get back at them!”
For me, it was a vague, yet certain;
playful, yet serious promise.
“Even if you shut your eyes ‘cos you don’t wanna see;
even if you cover up your ears ‘cos you don’t wanna hear,
reality is still there.
What can the likes of you possibly do?”
I wouldn’t know, even if you tell me that.
I mean, it’s absolutely the case
that the main character always has something special to themselves.
Since then, we’ve gone our separate ways.
Our futures are pretty ordinary, simply the average, just 2 parallel lines,
and we’re just trying to fall into step with everyone else
as we climb the ladder toward adulthood.
But then it got too much for me.
I abandoned everything and ran away,
only to trip and fall.
It’s like an aggravated disease that’s worsened
to the point beyond repair.
“There’s no hope. Just cut it out.
It’s a gamble. It won’t end well.
Reality ain’t such an easy game.
There’s no way you can become a hero.”
No need to tell me all of that,
since I already know so well. Honestly,
I feel like I might just cry right now, from anxiety.
Just like you.
There were lots of warnings for me,
but I still chose to stick with this.
I’m gonna prove this is the right choice,
that I’m the main character of this story.
As long as I keep believing, it’ll become true.
I’m gonna realize it and turn it into reality.
There’s no turning back for me.
Since then, I’ve been left completely behind.
“Let’s do something big. We’re gonna get back at them!”, we once said.
Such lofty ideas
only make everyone run out of patience with me.

Completely unaware of that, I grow up,
and when I take a look around, no one seems better or worse than anyone else.
It must be that we’re all carrying the same kind of thoughts with us…
The place where you’re standing right now
must be the future I’d given up.
Since we’ve chosen different things for ourselves,
there’ll be times when we can’t understand each other,
but it’s pretty wrong for the dropout to butt in
and laugh in your face, isn’t it?
I just hate it.