Lullaby - shiNOder

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This song was first added to our tracker on Tuesday October 15, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel shiNOder.

You care very much about someone's gaze and wear a mask.
"It shouldn't be necessary for you."
You are silent with a mask on.
You don't know the value of what you have.
And you believe that illusion is “ideal”.
You can't even see your feets.
And you will be very scared tomorrow.
Let me listen to your lullaby.
It's a bud song that doesn't bloom.
You are suitable for dreaming of a flower that will not wither.
You should go to sleep.
Every time you get hurt by someone's words, your mask increases.
"Where is your true heart?"
You left without saying anything.
You can get it as soon as reach out a hand.
But you shake it off and say it is a “desire”.
You are pushing your feelings into a narrow box.
And you will feel every day very cramped.
Let me listen to your lullaby.
It's a song of a little bird that doesn't sing.
You are very good at making excuses not to fly.
You should go to sleep.
You are chasing only what is illuminated.
You are on the left side but say "I'm on the right side."
The time that has passed will never return.
You wasted today.
Let me listen to your lullaby.
It's a fruit song that doesn't bear fruit.
You are suitable for growing flowers that don't bloom.
You should go to sleep.
Throw it away because you don't need it.
It's your dirty obsession.
Remove masks you don't need.
You should sleep early.