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Jailbreak is a song by producer(s) Neru and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin. This song was first added to our tracker on Tuesday June 18, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Neru OFFICIAL.

"We are supposed to be joining in the same sky here, yet we have been going in separate directions since not knowing when"
Born in this gasoline-reeking town under the shade of confining city wall,
we don't even know the color of a meadow yet
"If we keep waiting here for help,
we will just end up being better at Monopoly,"
you once said that with a smirk
Screaming from the mob,
echoing sound of a gunshot,
How could you call something a life?
With your breath dispersed into white puff,
you muttered,
“Let’s escape.”
Back then, we used to dream
that beyond this cage warmth and love would exist;
that we were going to fly there beyond this closed window
Just how many times had we immersed ourselves within such dreams?
There is this story from distant memories,
where once you proudly showed me–
your ridiculous looking design–
a childish fantasy
Yet I was drawn to your vision,
and now here right before my eyes
is the plane from that day.
With fainting buzzer sound,
noises from the police,
and reverberating firing commands
Seizing a brief moment,
through the wrecked ceiling–
I escape
Back then, we used to talk about a dream–
how from the above of this cage,
how from the above of this cage,
we'd be looking down upon this garbage-like city
With all my strength, as if breaking my bones, I'll push down this rusty lever;
going full throttle, right now,
I'll break through reality
"The things surely captured by these eyes back in childhood,"
Even with all the warning signs,
unknown causes,
and error lamps flickering non-stop,
without batting an eye, you keep raising the altitude–
"if to turn a blind eye to such things is what it means to become an adult,"
and smile
With the engine ever-heating and whatever happened to the plane,
how great is the vast sky reached all the while to a nonchalant degree
Even if my body were to be blown away somewhere
I think all of this is already good enough
"then I don't mind staying a child for life."