Jack the Ripper - Cepheid

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2020-07-06 Ranked #59 English This Week
2020-06-29 Ranked #57 English This Week
2020-06-22 Ranked #53 English This Week
2020-06-15 Ranked #57 English This Week
2020-06-08 Ranked #55 English This Week
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Jack the Ripper is a song by producer(s) Cepheid and uses vocalist(s) V3 Gumi (English). This song was first added to our tracker on Thursday October 29, 2020 and has been on our chart 1 time. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Cepheid.

Did you hear what happened at Whitechapel?
They say the Ripper killed again
Some say he's possessed by a demon
That being said, you better stay inside
There's no telling who might be next
Who's next?
Shadows creeping across the street
Some movement catches your eye
You hear the thunder of your heartbeat
Just where, oh where could Jack hide?
Spurring the pace of your own feet
The terror builds up inside
For Jack the Ripper's cunning deceit
Will make you run for your life
Fear the night, like Kingdom's Blight, the Ripper strikes again
No wrong, no right, just sick delight. His murders never end
Hear the plight of 'Chapel's fright. The devil's work at hand
He stalks the night, just out of sight so catch him if you can
Fear the night
Like Kingdom's Blight
The Ripper strikes again
No wrong, no right! Just sick delight! His murders never end~
Hear the plight of 'Chapel's fright. The Devil's work at hand.
He stalks the night, just out of sight. So catch him if you can.
Too bad we don't know how the story ended
It's well possible he's still out there
That's why you better take care
There's no knowing where you'll be safe
So you better keep your eyes peeled...
Who's next...?