How To Pretend - CircusP

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2020-07-06 Ranked #45 English This Week
2020-06-29 Ranked #40 English This Week
2020-06-22 Ranked #36 English This Week
2020-06-15 Ranked #39 English This Week
2020-06-08 Ranked #44 English This Week
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How To Pretend is a song by producer(s) CircusP and uses vocalist(s) Megurine Luka V4x English (Straight) & V3 Gumi (English). This song was first added to our tracker on Thursday October 29, 2020 and has been on our chart 1 time. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel VocaCircus.

Breathe in, breathe now
You have to calm down
Let me show you somewhere where we could hide,
We could stay in here until sunrise
Moving forward,
Step by Step once more
Follow my instructions, you'll be fine,
This will only hurt for a short time
With promises of freedom,
I would never lie to you
Only speaking the way you do too
How great that it must be,
To walk outside see
Others just like you,
And not like me..
I am not like you.
I can't do all that you do.
No matter how desperately I want to.
When you look into my eyes you see,
A mirage of something trustworthy
I'm not your enemy,
No more anxiety...
Though, you're right to be wary,
Cause I know how to pretend.
How To Pretend.
Breathe in, breathe out,
I'm lost in here, Now.
And of course, I know that
There's no way I can turn back
I'm left in the dark,
To play my part
Follow every lie you feed me,
As they lead more and more to agony..
Are we on the same team after all this time?
Are we really feeling a pain of the same kind?
Watching from the outside,
You can't see all the things I do
You're a Circus Monster,
And now's your cue.
You were right
When you said that we're not the same
Because, unlike you...
I can feel pain.
When I look into your eyes, I see..
A Facade, you are not trustworthy.
You are my enemy,
Faking your Empathy
I was right to be wary,
When you know How to Pretend.
How To Pretend.
When you look into my eyes, you see..
A mirage of something trustworthy
I'm not your enemy,
No more anxiety...
Though you're right to be wary,
Cause i know..
You're not good at pretending.
Come dance and we'll be prismatic
I'm not falling for all your tricks.
Let's put on a show before the curtains falls
I won't take a bow.
It's time,
Our finales now.
This Mangled freakshow
Is where we end it all
(is where we start it all)