Fräulein=Biblioteka - nyanyannya

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Fräulein=Biblioteka is a song by producer(s) nyanyannya and uses vocalist(s) Meiko V3 (Power). This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel nyanyannya.

It can't be helped, those are the rules. Ah-ha-ha!
Are you done making excuses?
I love how unsightly you look
And what? And what? What about it, huh?
I'll hear you out properly
So there's no need to apologize
Ah-ha, you're so interesting
The verdict: "Judges say..."
Now, ladies and gentlemen, please watch!
Shake it up, baby!
The rules are absolute! Make no mistake
Says Fräulein=Biblioteca
If you have objections
Plead to the god of pride, won't you?
I don't need money (souls)
It can't be helped, those are the rules.
I'll even make your sleep talk
Sound more coherent
Good morning, good morning
What time is it?
You should have settled it
By feigning ignorance rather than crying
Ah-ha, I hate liars
Good night, the loop is eternal, eternal
Keep having nightmares there forever
Shake it up baby!!
The rules are absolute, so correct yourself
Says Fräulein=Biblioteca
If you don't want the loop's death scythe to get you
Choose to make the same mistake, won't you?
There's no need to hold back, see?
It can't be helped, let's do it again.
Do you happen to be out for a walk?
I found you
You're all dirty, sнаll шe clean Уоu up?
"Inside your head"
Do you like pain? Do you want to go numb?
Which rainbow-colored medicine do you like?
I'll help you recognize
??? ????? ???'?? ?????????
Judge is:
"Auditor (interrogator)" Fräulein=Biblioteca
"Please give me rules"
Until you can say that
Brain Wash...I'll discipline you
I'll make you a good boy,
You'll be born anew!
It can't be helped, those are the rules!