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FPS is a song by producer(s) Neru and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Len. This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel Neru OFFICIAL.

English translation: Bluepenguin
This missile that popped like popcorn
and the waves of people;
The hit chart and the TV are shrouded
in smoke by their sympathizers
God, why
are you ignoring our voices?
That’s right, to maintain peace,
it seems a scapegoat is essential
Saluting on command, we’ve been downgraded
To the protagonists
of a B-movie
I put everything into this ruthless trigger
That seems
just as if it’s been modeled
on the dark parts of humanity
Well then,
it’s farewell, bye-bye,
to this town I love
Crush out this impudent
It seems
it’s farewell, bye-bye
–smiling through your gas mask,
Don’t make some kind of joke
like “If we could meet again…”
They say that that creepy game that we imitated
So closely in the past is very popular
I know only one thing:
that this is not a game,
That those who have been wounded won’t come back
There’s no warmth in this world anymore;
All there is is the frozen hearts of the friends
we carried on our backs
This scrap metal is worth more
Than that girl
with the chestnut hair
Well then,
it’s farewell, bye-bye
–let’s throw away all ideals
Smash that disappointing
It seems
it’s farewell, bye-bye
–this doesn’t feel real at all
I’m praying it was all just a dream from the start
How many lives do you have
to value cheaply to be satisfied?
How many times can you redraw the map with your pen
before you’re fulfilled?
That’s enough, God,
I won’t forgive you–
I’m going to break this funny game
Well then, it’s farewell, bye-bye
–with such a sinister gun,
Can you clear the way
to a new future?
Well, how about it?
Have you already realized inside your heart
That there’s an end to everything
And that soon
it will be our turn
for an ending to come to us?