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This song was first added to our tracker on Monday June 17, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel syudou.

Music : syudou
Illustration : Amazu
Translations : aquariantwin
Even if you’re told over and over that “you’re not alone,”
will you ever be satisfied?
Even that habit of hiding those torn-up wrists of yours,
hey, do you think that’s gonna make you look cool?
Ah, why is it that you can
say such terrible things with a straight face?
Wearing the face of a victim or something
suits you well
I hate that pretentious attitude of yours
It’s annoying to even look at you
Hey, even if you go crazy, even if you let yourself fall,
even if you hang your head
Even still, I’m not gonna love you, so
I hope that people treat you bad and take
what you love, and that you‘ll lose it all
while crying about those injuries that’ll never fade away
Basically, don’t misunderstand that
“this wonderful present will continue forever,”
turning loneliness into some kind of scoring system
You’re unbeatable at that alone
Aah, like a yarn-selling girl
killing people with gentle eyes
without pain or shedding a single tear
How absolutely cruel
I hate that big-headed attitude of yours
Acting all weak while holding your head high
Hey, even the boring trash that you
surround yourself with
I won’t let any of you go, so
when the time runs out on those glass slippers of yours,
I’ll drop all of you into the depths of hell
Aah, today too, your words
swallow up more people, and the number of idiots increases
All your acting like a hypocrite and deceiving others
is gonna be the end of you
I hate that pretentious attitude of yours
It’s annoying to even look at you
Hey, show me another one of your tragic fabrications
like, “I love you more than anyone else in the world”
Even if you shout out stuff like that,
the whole world hates you
Now, let’s bring an end to that false innocence of yours tonight too
There won’t be anything left tomorrow, so
I’ll engrave into your eyes this time today
to which we’ll never be able to return
and hold you close