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This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and has been on our chart 43 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Lanndoぬゆり.

translation by Hazuki no Yume
I can’t sleep until I’ve erased all of
my memory up until today.
It’s unbearable, how much I wish for a
substitute to live my life for me from tomorrow on.
Let me say that everything’ll be okay. And then,
won’t you let me blame it all on you later?
Since everything’s meaningless now,
won’t you let me blame it all on you later?
I can’t make any sense, can’t do anything
about the promises I can’t fulfill,
at the expense of letting my brain be taken over
by each and every single of the words
that are flooding my mind.
I can’t see. I want to flee. I want to jump.
I want to quit. I can’t avoid it.
That’s why just let me sink, let me sink,
until I can’t crawl up anymore.
Until you’re sick of it, just drop me, drop me
until you dangle salvation before me.
I crush to bits the drops tasting of lies, altogether
with the screams blocked out of my throat.
Having a hard time keeping a smile, I’m just whiling away my time as I go along with this know-it-all pretense.
I didn’t want to turn out like this.
Today, I’m holding on to my sleepy, sleepy ideal of
becoming useful for once, while waiting to be saved.
For the first one, say it with my mouth
stretched to the ears.
Biting my lips hard and painful with all
the strength I find in me.
Just die, just do it, without a care for the future or past.
If I hate it, just destroy everything, destroy everything.
Might as well just turn into a perpetrator.
Just sing the next one already, before I have to spit out
this flavorless irritation that’s more than I can eat
and sadness from which nothing ever comes.
I might as well just dance the dance.
Let it ring out, before I completely turn an ashen color.
Just change, just change, until I can fall asleep.
I might as well just snatch it away,
snatch it away, exposing all the lies I’ve tamed.
I’ve been looking at a false image
that flitted through my feverish mind.
I’ve been looking at my own self.