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Drowning in a Wave of Sadness is a song by producer(s) Neru and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Len Append (Power). This song was first added to our tracker on Friday July 12, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Neru OFFICIAL.

Drowning in a Wave of Sadness
Music & Lyrics: Neru Movie: Ryuusee
English translation by Coleena Wu
I've been killed by a futile love.
At the rate my limbs are growing, two at a time, the
things I can love are also growing two, three at a time,
"Please become a smart child."
They’re growing at a stupid rate,
so I have to throw them out, don’t I?
That’s why, in order to be able to love
a lot, this greedy me one day
Decided to stop loving the clumsy me
Are those tears out of desire?
Or are they just from an inferiority complex?
This life that god granted me,
this life I received from my mother,
don’t use it like others, so
I threw it out with the morning trash
Is that a love song, I wonder?
Without anyone holding any expectations
for me, the raise of the curtain approaches
The curtain has finally been raised
on the theatre show of life,
without a single audience member
I’m drowning in a wave of sadness
Love is naturally necessary, but...
Where is it within my non-existant heart?
It seems like this heart of mine is suffering from
a serious illness, but over-the-counter drugs don’t work, moreover,
(Very good job!)
it’s embarrassing to admit it,
but with this kind of daily life,
I don’t have the money to go to the doctor
(Very good job!)
That’s why my gaping wounds
festered in the distant past. One day,
(Very good job!)
the emptiness dripping from
that wound overflowed as if I were vomiting
That cold, long-haired girl who reads
in the corner of the classroom
I was mocked for liking her and bullied
I’m drowning in a wave of sadness
In the end, what do I want to become?
The yell of the first departure
every morning on the Odakyuu
kills my day as I jump to my feet again
In order so I could live, in order to eat,
I’d sold off too many important things
No matter how much time passes,
this big hole will never be filled
I’m drowning in a wave of sadness
Even if a time machine was developed,
or people learned to prolong their lives
for hundrends of years
not one thing would become more convinient, would it?