Diary of Underage Observation - Wada Takeaki

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Diary of Underage Observation is a song by producer(s) Wada Takeaki and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin. This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 28, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel 和田たけあき.

"But hey, that's a good thing"
The one who put up a strong front and said that finally disappeared.
So now I'm alone again.
I'll continue my homework.
I'll observe these underage youths.
Diary of Underage Observation
I've heard the urban legends about that murderous monster
We're nothing but youths
A girl who had a forbidden love, and twisted the truth
There was someone like that, wasn't there?
A girl who had a heart that desired love so much she grew into a monster
Yeah, she was a youth too
A girl who called her everyday life "hell"
Drawing pictures alone
There were
Youths like that. There were.
With vague sentimentalities that can't be put into words
There were youths like that. There were.
A girl talking to herself on the rooftop
Muttering with a blank look on her face.
Diary of Underage Observation
A closed space, a classroom, ruled by terror and fear
With a youth who had closed her heart
From beyond the headset spread a similar looking world.
Reality and fantasy aren't so different, huh?
There were youths like that. There were.
With a repetitive daily life that seemed like it could collapse at any moment
There were youths like that. There were.
That girl was on the roof today too
Hanging her head while heading home.
It's all worthless.
And it's definitely not pretty.
Let's throw everything away"
There was someone who said that too
Though she had a pretty lonely-looking face
The girl whose pocket of memories broke
And the boy who chased after her, were youths too
"The person who loves you is me" She said, lying and painting over herself with a new girl
Living an ever changing love
The girl who pretended not to know that in the absent-minded boy’s eyes
There was an unfamiliar adult, she was a youth too
The night comes again like usual, and he remembers
The warmth of those hands.
Everyone had something.
Whether it be mistakes or regrets,
They had something.
I have nothing.
For so, so long...
I've had nothing.
I'm kind of jealous.
Everyone was a youth.
They were.
That girl who's crying, who I don't know the name of
She was a youth. She was.
That girl on the roof, clad in yellow
She was a youth. She was.
I'll say something to her today.
Something that I don't even really think.