Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! - JesusP

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Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! is a song by producer(s) JesusP and uses vocalist(s) Kagamine Rin Append (Power) & Kagamine Len Append (Power). This song was first added to our tracker on Friday September 6, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY!.

Subtitles were made thanks to this song's page in the Vocaloid Wikia!
Death should not have taken thee!
3, 2, 1...XXX!!
Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!
"With what?"
"Th... The princess has been kidnapped!"
"What of the hero?"
"There isn't one."
"Hmm, okay! If it's come to that, you're the hero!"
There goes the setting...!!
"Take now the contents of those treasure chests and this paltry sum, set out, find a party, defeat the monsters..."
(...Not taking this seriously, are you?)
"Oh, and if you're ever troubled, talk to the townspeople, 'kay?
Defeat all the bosses good! Knock 'em down!" ...For real?!
Be proud, be proud, be proud - of course!
Because you truly are the greatest!
Yeah, that's easy for you to say!
Geez, you're really on a high perch...
Experience, experience, experience, pile it up!
And find stronger party members!
So you say, but I'm just a soldier;
Paid vacation? Delete! Delete!
"Verily, I wait with bated breath for the day you defeat the last boss!"
To restore peace to the world,
To protect the peace of the land,
I direct from all the way in back;
I shall tell you thy experience points!
Fighting for you, for the world,
Recognize our patriotism!
We're on the brink of destruction, party fallen;
I knew my levels weren't enough...
"Your party has been annihilated.
Oh, God! Amen."
Alas! Death should not have taken thee!
I will give thee a second chance!
"Your majesty!"
"What is it?"
"This is...! This is impossible."
"Haaah?! More shameful than thy death is thy SAAAAASS!!"
With the economic and military power of our unobjectionable land,
Of course we have people of talent too!
Such popularity!
But the one chronic problem is the uninhibited ruler;
"Pure" to put it nicely, to put it badly...
It's genuine, all humanity is a warring species,
But I won't say it... (OK?)
You're saying they need cooperative personalities and adaptability?
Is this world a bad game?!
To reach the next level,
Thy experience points must increase to 1000,
But thy also needs to be more assertive!
Don't give in, OK?
Telissa, Boroso, Zanshi, Palanto,
Mages sure are making themselves useful...
With a calm composure and wry smile,
Talking impertinently, I hold my scepter...
Holit, Holit, Holit, always the same;
Monks keep using Holit, are they Holidiots?
It puts I, the sovereign, to sleep;
Who do you think you are? Is this a rebellion?
"I am no hero. Rather, majesty, I believe you are the hero!"
To restore peace to the world,
To protect the peace of the land,
I throw myself to the front line;
I can see my approval rating going up! (H-Hey!)
Fighting for interests, for money,
What does our ruler see?
On the brink of destruction, guards dying;
Death should not take theeeeeEEEEE!
To restore peace to the world,
To protect your smile,
We barely manage to scrape up
Information on the dark lord's forces...
So today, I just sit here in safety,
As we await the true hero
I'm not getting others to do my work;
It's just that I'm no match for those guys...:;