Bitter Chocolate Decoration - syudou

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This song was first added to our tracker on Monday June 17, 2019 and has been on our chart 49 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel syudou.

Bitter Choco Decoration
translation by Hazuki no Yume
I do my best not to trust people too much
not to love anyone, and not to expect anything.
At the same time, I do my best not to cause any conflicts,
not to put on airs, and not to stand out
I do my best not to hurt anyone,
not to bully anyone, and not to kill anyone.
At the same time, I do my best not to let my hypocrisy show through,
and not to be arrogant.
I also mustn't forget to throw in a light joke
and some smooth talk here and there,
and to always
smile and please everybody.
Bitter choco decoration
just eat it all, and don't say a word.
Bitter choco decoration
you got to fix your picky eating habit.
If, after emptying your mind,
your heart is the real remaining thing,
then I'm sure you'd do the same.
"By the way, there's just one thing I want to ask:
Did we meet somewhere the other day?...
On second thought, never mind."
I do my best not reveal myself more than I have to,
and not to talk about myself, so that people don't know too much about me.
But I also mustn't keep my mouth completely shut,
and better being laughed at than making people laugh.
I do my best to respect others,
to worship others, to praise others.
But I absolutely mustn't let it turn into snide comments,
and I mustn't make fun of others.
This is a life sentence of group participation.
There I go again, forced to obey.
"Wow, your bangs look totally awesome-tastic!"
and so on - such inane things to say.
Going on like this every morning, every night, I'm at my limit.
It's like a group lynching by a religious society.
But I got to make sure not to go insane.
Bitter choco decoration
Sometimes, solitary love makes you dirty
Bitter choco decoration
Shit art surely remains after a bird leaves (below where it stood)
I had such grand ideas at the beginning
always talking big, but now...
"Yes" often means "no"
"You know, I must say, considering today is your first time
and you can already do this,
you must have a knack for this."
Some bitter choco decoration for this season of love.
Some bitter choco decoration with a feeling of love.
Bitter choco decoration
I drown in the ideal everyone wants.
Bitter choco decoration
All my personality and feelings are burned off
Bitter choco decoration
Kill your desires and ego, and bury them all in the soil.
Bitter choco decoration
I've finally
grown up, mama.
Surely, tomorrow and all the days after,
this hell will continue no matter where it is.
So please, just for now,
let me keep the feelings I had when I was but a child
and be the naked me.
"Ooh I remember now! You're that serious-looking person from back then...
On second thought, never mind."