Before the Snow Melts - doriko

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Before the Snow Melts is a song by producer(s) doriko and uses vocalist(s) Hatsune Miku V4x (Original). This song was first added to our tracker on Wednesday August 19, 2020 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel HatsuneMiku.

Hatsune Miku Channel
On a white, white stage, I fell in Romantic love
Can this feeling reach you before the snow melts ?
「Yuki ga Tokeru Mae ni」
Music, Lyrics : Doriko
Video, illustrator : ODESSA
Singer : Hatsune Miku
English Translation by Damesukekun
Shining like diamonds, winter's panorama rained down.
Was the one I received too much glare from the sky or your smile ?
I'm just like a child, thinking only about these whereabouts.
I've forgotten the melancholic coldness, too.
I opened the foggy window.
Far and wide, this is a Winterland.
I'm looking for a dream with you.
In my infatuation, it will slip out.
In a white, white world, I was chasing Romantic.
Looks like I might grasp,
and cannot grasp the clouds and you.
My piling, piling sadness lightly browned red
It's overtaking. Can I say it before the snow melts ?
We breathlessly ran down, shadow and shadow.
The sinking orange is taking the remaining time.
Soon it will be time for the illumination to fall to darkness.
The past you pointed at,
you drew a single ray of light.
The starry sky spun round and round,
flowing with starlight.
I closed my eyes and murmured,
wishing the clocks would stop.
The time will soon come to return to the far, far city.
Let's forget about it for a bit until the snow melts.
It can visit anyone, this midwinter Story.
I want to go out and find it with you before the snow melts.
In a white, white cityscape, your favourite landscape
It'd be nice to meet you one more time
When the snow piles up