Alter Ego - MISUMI

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Alter Ego is a song by producer(s) MISUMI and uses vocalist(s) Hatsune Miku. This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 23, 2019 and has been on our chart 5 times. It was discovered by VocaBot on the YouTube channel Misumi.

Track: Misumi
Art: Taga Kiichi
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Alter Ego
The present time is 4 AM
I’m sick and tired of everyone
The shape of my existence has already mutated
My colors become vague, without being graded into black or white
Inhale, then exhale
It’s almost as if I’m dead
But in reality, if one listens I’m just about alive
I say that I don’t care what happens anymore.
That I don’t have single drop of fear
But the only thing I know is that the last of the sinking evening sun
will be once it continues to fall below the horizon.
But that’s fine, just if you’d turn to ash and disappear
Before we’re swallowed by that figure that quietly went insane
With neither a zero or an end, the countless eyes in my head
They blabber, going on and on and on.
Oh just shut up.
How about you just quit being human
The moral of Adam and Eve and the sin they committed
is that good and evil are just man-made fabrications.
Someone once told me standing right behind me
that I wanted to make something of myself
exactly because I can't do just that.
The truth is I already know that
the day I’m forgiven will never come
The final moments of a bloomed petal
are when it falls to the ground to become dirt, whirling in the wind.
But that’s fine, just if you’d get broken by sorrow and disappear
Before we’re swallowed by that smile coated with lies
A world where matter is void, the countless hands in my head
They blabber, going on and on and on.
Oh just shut up.
Both the boy carrying loneliness who wasn’t allowed to hope,
and the naïve girl who was betrayed and had to bear the wounds
Oh, I see. They were both me.
You are me, and you are also me.
I can’t go back to being on my own.
Please show me a smile.
But it’s fine, just if you’d drown in the blue and disappear
Before we’re swallowed by those eyes filled with pain
At zero, I hum a hoarse song about the broken world
and the sound of the finale rings out.
The day before death, I’ll take the proof or your existence, so similar to mine
I’ll steal it away,
destroy it,
then pray,
and burn it.
This all ends today, after all.
Blooming from the ash, before everything crumbles away
give me a smile and let’s bow a greeting.
That song you liked so much streamed out.