A Hero’s Armor is Always Crimson - mothy

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A Hero’s Armor is Always Crimson is a song by producer(s) mothy and uses vocalist(s) Meiko V3 (Unknown). This song was first added to our tracker on Friday August 30, 2019 and hasn't been on our charts yet. It was discovered by VocaDB on the YouTube channel mothy akuno.

Translation by Pricechecktranslations
Lyrics & Music: mothy
Illustration: Ichika
Vocaloid: MEIKO
A Hero’s Armor is Always Crimson
In a town that fell to ruin at the end of a battle
A lone knight walks through
He’d earned more military gains than anyone
He’d killed more people than anyone
The people of the enemy nation fear his form
And they desperately beg for their lives
But he never
Grants their wish
A woman’s corpse tightly held
An innocently smiling baby
With cold eyes
He lifted his sword
I can’t leave any survivors
A hero’s armor is always crimson
That is surely the color of the spilled blood he basked in
Even if these are deeds for someone’s sake
Can you call that “justice”?
Five years flowed on since then
And the war continues today
Waiting for the knight at a temporary home
Is a lone, sweet girl
Back then he’d noticed that stitched on her clothes
Was the Imperial family crest
If he had her on hand, one day
She might be useful as a hostage
Foolish, innocent girl
Who smiles and says “Welcome home, Dad”
You do this even though I myself am the one
Who killed your parents
A make-believe parent and child…?
…How idiotic
A hero’s armor is always crimson
That is surely the same color as his treachery
Even if these are deeds for someone’s sake
Can you call that “justice”?
On the battlefield
Various things are running rampant
Victory, defeat, hatred, chance luck
And betrayal
Before he knew it, the knight
Was surrounded by a great many enemies
It was obvious that
They weren’t ordinary soldiers
“Quietly submit to us that girl,”
Urged an old woman in black clothes
If he complied,
They would probably murder her
But for the knight
That must have been a desired outcome
Because it was for that reason
He’d been keeping her until now
That’s right…I don’t have any doubts
So then…why…
There was someone who held a sword
And stood in front of the knight to protect him
A small, trembling back
It was the young child.
Pitiful girl
You do this even though the one you love as a father
Was just about to try to sell you off
After the knight gently patted the girl’s head
He faced the assassins and drew his sword…
I’m not suited to being a father
And I don’t lead a life I can be proud of
But if you say it’s alright even so,
I will become the armor that protects you
Well then, shall we go?
A hero’s armor is always crimson
That is surely the color of the twilight he basked in
Walking hand-in-hand in that blood-stained era,
Is a knight and a girl
On the battlefield there is neither justice nor evil
The day of his atonement will come someday
Until that time finally arrives
He’s decided to be a “father”
A Hero’s Armor is Always Crimson
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Daughter of red
Germaine Avadonia
(Zita C. Beelzenia)
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Lyrics/Music: mothy
Illustration: Ichika